Photodotes V: Cyborg Garden

A large site-specific interactive light installation placed in Lansdowne street garage at Fenway, as part of Illuminus Boston and HUBweek, 2015

Optotopia II: The Disc

A site-specific installation placed under New England College of
Optometry (NECO) iconic skylight. Boston, 2015

Optotopia I: Polyphymes’ Eye

A site-specific installation as camera obsura, part of Optotopia solo exhibition. New England College of
Optometry (NECO). Boston, 2015

Blanket III

A large metal canopy structure, part of metamaquette solo exhibition. Strauss Gallery, Dartmouth, 2015

Photodotes I: Light Donors

An installation exploring the manipulation of light in space n 3 stages: collecting, transferring, and diffusing. MassArt, 2012

Photodotes II: Light Garden

A hybrid structure/garden, consisting of plants, fiberoptics, plastic containers, water and light. MassArt, 2012

Photodotes III: Plug-n-Plant

An installation examining the relationship between architecture, technology, light, and plants. Industry Lab, 2013

Micro-Ceasefire Under Shadow

A micro-sonic installation as a street garden/tree. 1st Contemporary Biennale of Thessaloniki, Byzantine Museum of Athens, and Boston, MA

The Fan

An adaptive bus stop. Research on kinetic structures, adaptive architecture, robotics, ubiquitous computing, and intelligence


A game that predicts your architectural taste by associating images of projects to each other according to your preferences

Speak! Listen! Act!

A research exhibition by Zenovia Toloudi and students as a think-tank laboratory for ideas on the topic of public space. Dartmouth College. Hanover, NH, 2016

Three States of Hors d'Oeuvres

An installation, composed of four chambers filled with clouds of vaporized food. Lab @ Harvard, 2010

The Cage

An open-air pavilion, part of Aristotle Sculptural Museum's permanent collection in Thessaloniki, Greece. Completed 2001

Talking Rooms

An interactive video installation in which users interact through a feedback mechanism. MIT ACT, and Artrages, Boston


A prototypical typology for collective housing in Athens that can be repeated in multiple lots while creating building-pathways


An ecological proposal for collective housing (60 units organized in 6 clusters) in Valverde city in El Hierro of Canaria islands

Aquatic Metapolis

A series of installations illustrating the Aegean archipelago of islands as dispersed urbanity. Venice Biennale 2006

Mutant Moving Room

An installation discussing relationships of globalization, mobility, adaptation, and the self. Pilsen, Chicago


A mini-retrospective exhibition about the art-architecture practice of Zenovia Toloudi/Studio Z. Dartmouth College. Hanover, NH, 2015

Parrhesiastic Play

A project exploring free speech at the intersection of public, physical space and the digital world. Awarded by AIANY and Theatrum Mundi