Book Chapters
  • Toloudi, Z. Architecture and Living Matter(s): From Art/Architectural Installations to Metabolic Aesthetics, The Routledge Companion to Biology in Art and Architecture, ed. Charissa Terranova and Meredith Tromble, Routledge Press, 197-217 LINK

Selected Articles
  • Toloudi, Z. Hacking Light, Organs Everywhere, ed. Simone Ferracina, Vol. 5 (New York, NY, 2017) 140-147 PDF & LINK
    Toloudi, Z.Are We in the Midst of public Space Crisis?, Business Partners, Nov/Dec issue, 48-49 (short print version) PDF & LINK
    Toloudi, Z. Εγκαταστάσεις, Εκθέσεις, Εργαστήρια, Ατμόσφαιρες: η Στροφή της Αρχιτεκτονικής στο Πειραματικό και το Βιωματικό, Proceedings of 3rd International Congress on Ambiances (Volos, Greece, 2016) LINK
    Toloudi, Z. Are We in the Midst of public Space Crisis? The Conversation (2016) LINK (original version, also published in Huffington Post, discussed in TrueReddit, and featured in The Aspen Institute)
    Toloudi, Z. The Capsule as Cyborg Bioarchitecture, Technoetic Arts Journal, Volume 14, Issue 1-2: Complexism (Intellect Books, 2016) 95-104 LINK
    Toloudi, Z. Exhibition as a Pedagogical Tool for Experimental and Public Architecture, Proceedings of ACSA 104: Shaping New Knowledges (Seattle, CA, 2016) 273-279 PDF
    Toloudi, Z. Ordinary Lilli-pot Gardens: Rendezvous in Tokyo, MAS Context, ed. Iker Gil, Vol. 23 (Chicago IL, 2014) 130-147 PDF & LINK
    Toloudi, Z, Metaphrasis, Metamorphosis, and Traitorous Translations: A New Taxonomy of Relationships between Architecture and Gastronomy, Wentworth Architecture review, ed. Olivia Hegner, and Francesco Stumpo, Vol. 4 (Boston, MA, 2014) 80-85 PDF
    Toloudi, Z. Natural and Artificial Light as Energy: Experiments in Space, Proceedings of ACSA 101: New Constellations, New Ecologies (San Francisco, CA, 2013) 219-225 PDF
    Toloudi, Z. Black with a Red Touch, SHIFTboston (2012) LINK
    Toloudi, Z. A Public or Private Sleeping Space?, SHIFTboston (2012) LINK
    Toloudi, Z. Archipelago Logic: Environmental Site Specific Art, SHIFTboston (2012) LINK
    Toloudi, Z. Goodbye Starachitecture, Welcome Countryside! Dis-appearances in Rem’s Lecture, SHIFTboston (2012) LINK
    Toloudi, Z. On Game Design: The New Spaces, Objects & Methods of FWD Talks, SHIFTboston (2012) LINK
    Toloudi, Z. The Participant, the Experience, and the Event: Experience Economies, SHIFTboston (2012) LINK
    Toloudi, Z.Talking room(s), A View on Harvard GSD, Vol.3 (TANK Publishers, 2011) 616-617
    Toloudi, Z. Towards an Eternal Contemporaneity:a Playground of Living Systems, Physical States and Phenomena, SHIFTboston (2011) LINK
    Toloudi, Z. Playing with Circles, Curves, and SO-IL, SHIFTboston (2011) LINK
    Toloudi, Z. MIT Media Lab: Architecture as a Living Organism, SHIFTboston (2011) LINK
    Toloudi, Z. Lichtballett: Can Space be Shaped out of Light, Sound, and Movement? SHIFTboston (2011) LINK
    Toloudi, Z. Alvarez, M., Jimenez, D., Santiago, E. and Zientek, A., Three States of Hors d'Oeuvres, GSD Platform, ed. Eric Howeler, Vol. 4 (Barcelona, 2011) 150-151LINK
    Toloudi, Z. Micro Ceasefire Under Shadow (MCUS): Perception and Production of the Sound and Visual Identity of an Urban Artificial Tree, Proceedings of ICSV17: 17th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (Cairo, Egypt, 2010) 3506-3513 LINK
    Toloudi, Z. Forming And Perceiving Architectonic Taste Through Picanico and Architaste, Proceedings of SIGraDi 2010: XIV Congress of Ibero-American Society of Digital Graphics (Bogota, Colombia, 2010) 290-293 PDF
    Toloudi, Z. and Kotsioris, V. Brain.Storms, DO!: Design Opportunity (Cambridge: Harvard GSD, 2010) 50-51
    Toloudi, Z. Architaste, A View on Harvard GSD, Vol.2 (TANK Publishers, 2010) 604-605
    Toloudi, Z.On Visual Idenities: MCUS, Outside In (Cambridge: Harvard GSD, 2010)
    Toloudi, Z. and Papachristoudis, G. Ensuring Safety, Exopolis: 23 (Alexandroupolis, Greece, 2010)LINK
    Toloudi, Z. big-S M A L L: Design and Production Process for Families of Recursive Structures, Proceedings of the 1st International File to Factory Symposium (Chania, Greece, 2009) 279-288 PDF
    Toloudi, Z. Picanico, A View on Harvard GSD, Vol.1 (TANK Publishers, 2009) 618-619
    Toloudi, Z. Architectonic Brand Valuations using PICANICO: A Tag-Based Machine Learning, Proceedings of SIGraDi 2008: XII Congress of Ibero-American Society of Digital Graphics (Havana, Cuba, 2008) PDF
    Toloudi, Z.Micro Ceasefire Under Shadow, Other Places (Thessaloniki: State Museum of Contemporary Art, 2007) LINK
    Toloudi, Z.big- S M A L L: Investigating the Blanket Mechanism, Graduate Student Works, (Chicago: IIT College of Architecture, 2006)
    Toloudi, Z. and Stefanidis, M.The Urban Venetian Blind, Ephemeral Structures (Athens, 2003) LINK

Theses / Dissertation
  • Toloudi, Z. On Architectural Taste and Identity: Experimenting with PICANICO Game, Doctoral Dissertation, Harvard GSD, Cambridge MA, 2011
  • Toloudi, Z. big-S M A L L: Investigating the Blanket Mechanism Master of Architecture, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, 2006
  • Toloudi, Z. and Stefanidis M. Intelligent Kinetic Systems, Diploma Thesis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 2003

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